Introducing the V-12, A performance shortboard that will be an asset in your quiver.  The V-12 came about after Jordy’s return from Hawaii.  Jords wanted to develop a board that would allow him to be more versatile in both testing conditions and steep critical faces.  After much deliberation, we created a file by opening up the nose area, continuing the flow of the outline through the board and finally pulling in the tail section.

Jordy and I feel that this new model creates much more control when coming off the bottom into laying your rail in the open face and pocket.  The narrow slipper tail section engages the tail and allows the board to pull around quick and tight as you set up for the next turn.




The beauty of the V-12 Pro – as we decrease the dims in size, the wide-point moves back past the centre about 1” to 2” and creates a curvier outline, adding a bit more width in the tail area which becomes more curvaceous; allowing for tighter arcs in smaller waves. 


The V-12 Pro has a high natural rocker in both the tail and nose, allowing the bottom curve to fit the wave-face better, and with a single concave running through the bottom into a pronounced double concave, which helps to disperse water in choppy conditions – helps to eliminate spin-outs.


With regard to our Regulour V-12, we have dropped the rocker throughout which rapidly enhanced the board speed. We deepened the concave in the tail area to give us more lift, so as to plane quicker.


The Pro version has a Jordy down-rail setup to engage and hold on the bigger open faces. Opposed to the regular V-12 which has a more softer down “coin” rail which rolls over easily without catching and helps to generate speed through turns in the smaller conditions. 




Standard Dimensons

Pro Dimensons


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